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Delta Woman Meets Alpha Man... 4/11/09
Delta Woman Meets Alpha Man... 4/11/09

Wife. Mother. Sister. Daughter. Friend. 

Mrs. Octavia J. Coleman is your every day woman that enjoys life's simplest treasure; family. Upon the birth of her first son, Kingston; she and husband, Henry, found it extremely difficult to find books that would identify with their son. As an African American boy it is important to be able to grow with positive yet relatable images, heroes, and stories; stories that will live with that child in to his adult and then parent hood. One night, having reached his limit of crooked animals or trips to grandmother's house, Henry suggested that Octavia write a children's story for their son. The request was taken as a joke and pushed to the side. Two (2) years later along came the birth of Baby Bishop. And once again the dilemma of quality books arose. Well now, Momma's irritated...

This is, in essence, how I began writing books. They were for my boys. Then I thought:

"How many other parents are there, that cannot find a "relatable" book for his/her son?"

Let’s be honest for a moment. The majority of the books in the libraries (in our city) based on a mother's/father's love are geared toward baby girls. There are very few (close to NONE) adventure books that spotlight our little heroic ebony baby boys. There are even FEWER father and me books for them to admire. So HELLO WORLD!!! Here's my suggestion of remedy... The 'Bronze Babiez' Children's Book Collection! I hope you ALL enjoy.